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Solar Stone Lighting & Solar House Number Lighting

Stone Lighting & House Number Signs






Illuminate your yard with solar powered rock lights!


Adding lighting in the form of solar powered stones and rocks is an ideal way to accent your yard, while providing a guiding light for navigating safely at night. Our stones can be strategically placed along pathways, or simply added to your garden to light up your yard at night. During the day, our stones blend in and add a majestic touch, helping to accentuate your landscaping. In addition to adding a stylish touch, our stones are weather resistant, low maintenance and include LED lighting, making them energy efficient, thus resulting in lower electricity costs.

You'll also find solar powered house numbers, making for a well lit address that may otherwise be missed. Using the sunlight to recharge, these house numbers come equipped with 3 white LED lights. Perfect for a housewarming gift!

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